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My name is Melinda Rita Gáspár. Welcome to my website and thanks for your attention. I may now disillusion the gentle reader now,  as I can not provide a long list of famous schools and renowned teachers. My life is much simpler than that – although the way leading here was not at all simple. I would have always become a painter since my early childhood, but my destiny was different and those dreams did not come true – many of us have such experience.

I was not admitted to the art school, although I tried it twice – I was not good enough for them unfortunately. Their rejection made a deep impact on me. That is why I abandoned the paint and the pencil for a long time – I did not care about anything in connection with art or creativity and  I was proud of attending Hevesy György Technical High School. I graduated from the Control and Computer Studies Faculty in 1996. I was so engaged in my job that I had no chance to paint, I started to get immersed in painting more seriously a year ago. 

We live in a really picturesque environment; I am grateful to God for giving us home in such a beautiful place. 

My parents have good manual skills, just like me, although I think if many of those bad things had not happened to me I might not even paint or paint the way I do now. I feel that pain has brought the knowledge and talent out of me that I possess now. That is why I would not change anything in the past, be it ever so horrible. I had no teacher to teach  me how to paint, life thought me that!

I like Leonardo Da Vinci's pictures, he is an etalon for me – that is why tried to paint his pictures first. All his paintings are so serene and real and this is close to me, although my style is always subject to change as I am a versatile person which can even be traced down in my paintings. I do not think I could get stuck to one single school, I need everything in order to express myself.

I hope I can contribute to the arts through my work just like many other famous, well-known and contemporary artists. 

A painting tells me much more about a face than a photograph. In a painting everything turns mysterious, as if they knew something that we do not, even if it is a portrait of child, that can also turn so enigmatic and magical looking back on us from the canvas. 

My greatest admirer is my father praising me to the skies; in his enormous pride and fondness he calls me Leonardo's left hand☺. I always feel awkward whenever I hear this and I need to laugh because I get embarrassed but at the same time I feel  pleased by his peculiar emotional outburst, because I know he likes what I do, but he had better do it in private.

As an artist I claim the freedom of creation and its instruments when producing my paintings. 

Thank you for visiting my website.


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